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IntelleCat™ is clearly the market choice for COST CONTAINMENT and efficiency.
IntelleCat™’s content is the cornerstone of eProcurement success. IntelleCat™ (patented, offered under license) is the intelligent and cost-effective solution for both rapid catalog enablement and search effectiveness of catalog content. Through effective catalog search and enablement, IntelleCat™:

  • Rapidly increases spend through your eProcurement system.
  • Increases adoption and satisfaction of the eProcurement investment.
  • Reduces non-catalog buys (free text orders) and increases purchasing compliance.

IntelleCat™ resolves catalog enablement and search usability issues in a single stroke, so you can achieve the highest return on your eProcurement investment.

Unique Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Product

IntelleCat™’s patented and internationally Production-proven Price Audit™ solution provides a quantum leap over any eProcurement analysis tool. It allows for full control of content and prices across all vendors.

Production Proven Value Proposition – IntelleCat™

  • on 6 continents, 98 countries, 25 languages (including Asian, European) for over 12 years
  • in global industries including high technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, services, conglomerates, consumer products, retail, engineering, manufacturing, electronics, research institutions, ...
  • with over 460,000 end users and 150 million SKUs
  • with a system uptime of 99.8%.
Internationally Production proven multi-lingual web-enabled Internet and static catalog solution

This unique and user-friendly solution provides a single unified user interface to seamlessly search and procure approved items and services from any type of supplier (for example Internet and static catalog suppliers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is IntelleCat™ an artificial intelligence system or is it something else?
A: IntelleCat™ is a unique patented self-evolving system fusing artificial intelligence and “knowledge capture”...