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IntelleCat™ Features
To view IntelleCat™ Worflow screenshots click the links below (Patent pending, offered under license).


The Catalog Manager provides a central mechanism to manage and access all IntelleCat™ content.  It creates and maintains a highly optimized search index of all current catalog content for use with the patent-pending Search Assistant™ functions.

The Catalog Manager supports a wide variety of data sources and formats.  Data sources can be local (IntelleCat™-hosted) catalogs or remote (externally-hosted) catalogs.  Data formats for local catalogs include CIF, Excel, Acrobat and HTML.  In addition, the Catalog Manager supports Catalog plug-ins so that interfaces to additional data sources can be implemented, either by Veriscape, the customer or even third parties.  By implementation of such content plug-ins, virtually any source of record- or page-based catalog information can be made accessible to IntelleCat™.

Indexes are created for each catalog whenever a new catalog or new edition of the catalog is brought online.  Product searches are performed against the aggregate index of all online catalogs.  The Search Assistant™ function also uses these catalog indexes.  This is described in more detail in the following sections.

Key Benefits
  • Immediate catalog content creation in any format.
  • Load and shop large numbers of catalogs quickly.
  • Convert-As-You-Buy™ (patent-pending, offered under license by Veriscape) rather than preparing content prior to load.
  • Shop corporate inventory and legacy purchasing systems.
  • Eliminates excessive catalog load and maintenance costs.
  • Enables catalogs in days not months.