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IntelleCat™ Features
To view IntelleCat™ Worflow screenshots click the links below (Patent pending, offered under license).

Content is the cornerstone of e-procurement success.

IntelleCat™ (patent pending, offered under license) is the intelligent and cost-effective solution for both rapid catalog enablement and search effectiveness of catalog content. Through effective catalog search and enablement, IntelleCat™:

  • Rapidly increases spend through your e-procurement system.
  • Increases adoption and satisfaction of the e-procurement investment.
  • Reduces non-catalog buys (free text orders) and increases purchasing compliance.
IntelleCat™ resolves catalog enablement and search usability issues in a single stroke... you can achieve the highest return on your e-procurement investment. In addition to rapidly bringing all forms of catalogs online (including static and web enabled) IntelleCat™ has the advantage of our patent-pending IntelleSearch™ with its multi-lingual patent-pending Search Assistant™ (patent pending, offered under license) which rapidly guides users in over 22 languages (including all European, Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew) to the items they need to purchase. This unique feature combines, within a single user interface, the ability to simultaneously search across multiple languages and across all types of catalog content.

View the IntelleCat™ Business Value Proposition. The following products make up the patent-pending IntelleCat™ solution, offered under license:

  • IntelleCat, an intelligent catalog-acquisition and search tool (patent pending, offered under license) that enables the savings promised through e-procurement and ERP systems.
  • IntellePortal™ - IntelleCat Buying Guide™ - a Guide to Intelligent Purchasing, using a fusion of artificial intelligence and knowledge capture IntellePortal™ - IntelleCat Buying Guide™ (patent pending, offered under license) is clearly the market choice for COST CONTAINMENT and efficiency. Used in conjunction with IntelleCat's unique Price Audit™ this enables large organizations to help contain their spend as well as ensure their delivery pipeline. Thus making certain they can maintain just-in-time delivery.
  • IntelleCat™ Workflow: view screenshots of the easy-to-use Workflow in IntelleCat™ (patent pending, offered under license).
  • IntelleCat™ Wisdom Base™: Unique, patent-pending and offered under license. IntelleSearch™ populates the IntellCat™ Wisdom Base™, which is a unique patent-pending fusion of heuristic based artificial intelligence algorithm and knowledge capture, which promotes the ability of IntelleCat™ to constantly self evolve.
  • IntelleCat™ Basket Parts Procurement (a.k.a. Bill Of Materials), this unique automated (patent pending, offered under license) eProcurement functionality of IntelleCat allows research scientists and engineers to upload Bill Of Materials (a.k.a. Basket Trade) files. IntelleCat processes Bill Of Materials files dynamically and allows users to search for manufacturer part numbers occurring in the Bill Of Materials across all content loaded in IntelleCat. This can be content from any type of supplier, for example static catalog files, dynamic Internet suppliers, or public websites.
  • IntelleSearch, a unique tool (patent pending, offered under license) that allows users to effectively find catalog items and to buy exactly what they need while capturing and organically growing search information for future use.
  • IntelleSpotBuy, a unique integrated product (patent pending, offered under license) which enables small specialty suppliers for eProcurement and provides a quick and easy way of automatically enabling content across a large number of suppliers without any up-front content preparation.

For additional information on IntelleCat™ and how it can benefit your company please contact Veriscape at or 1.505.663.4020.