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IntelleCat™ Features
To view IntelleCat™ Worflow screenshots click the links below (Patented, offered under license).

NVSI™ – NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure™

Veriscape's patented NetCentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure™, NVSI™, technology allows companies to significantly improve the value and business impact of their existing business applications and services. The revolutionary NVSI™ approach also delivers to our customers the mechanism to create new and differentiated products and services for their marketplace.

NVSI™ technology offers a unique design approach and systems architecture that provides solutions to challenging business problems, many of which today are otherwise computationally intractable, and thus lack economic viability. The origins of this unprecedented approach to solving business problems is based on years of research and development by a team of world-class computer scientists, neuroscientists and mathematicians.

NVSI™ adapts existing hardware into a virtual supercomputer, and uses innovative application software and networks to create unprecedented access to information. This access maximizes a corporation's technology investments and allows for the creation of unique value-maximizing products and services.

NVSI™-based software can be used to solve a broad range of critical-demand business problems, including:

  • Catalog and content management for eProcurement and ERP systems
  • Risk-analysis and portfolio valuation
  • Supply chain risk analysis and mitigation
  • Customer, vendor and peer-to-peer knowledge capture
  • Telecommunications call-routing
  • High-demand query caching
  • Customized global media distribution, and
  • Fraud detection.

To read more about this unprecedented innovation, contact us for a free copy of our NVSI™ technology white paper at NVSI™ White Paper.