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IntelleCat™ Features
To view IntelleCat™ Worflow screenshots click the links below (Patented, offered under license).


Veriscape has employed the patented NVSI technology to create a set of extremely powerful business applications targeted to solving specific problems in various markets. All of our applications are value-priced to offer cost-effective solutions.

The following product is in Production for over 12 years at Global Fortune 1000 corporations:

  • IntelleCat, an intelligent catalog-acquisition and search tool that enables the savings promised through eProcurement and ERP systems (patented, offered under license).

The following NVSI™-based solutions are in development:

  • TurboCache™, a super-fast web-page caching application that features adaptive query search and indexing.
  • matHHammer™, a high-precision rapid-valuation engine for pricing complex financial derivatives.
  •™, a web-based application for real-time valuation of financial instruments.
  • RiskScape™, a next-generation risk-analysis stress-testing application for management of very large financial portfolios.

All of these applications greatly enhance existing systems, and drive development of new applications and services as well.